Surviving the Images of the Affair

February 11, 2011

The nightmare images of your spouses affair. You can’t get them out of your head. No matter how hard you try. They devastate every waking moment. And, even worse, make sleep difficult or impossible.
The infidelity floods your mind and crushes your spirit with negative thoughts and images. You writhe in agony, searching for an escape – for some relief. But find none.

The reason is clear to everyone but you. You’re creating your own misery! You are responsible for the torture. You are responsible for your agony. Not your partner. Yes, it was your spouse’s affair that generated the agony – but it is you who are nuturing and prolonging it.

Why continue to make yourself miserable for a past event over which you had no control? If you continue to do so, very quickly you’ll be out of control!
Keeping your sanity, restoring your self-respect, and going forward with your life, depends on you taking control. You can get free professional guidance to help you regain control of your mind, and your life – HERE.


10 ways to explore French Gourmet Cheese

June 18, 2010

Of all the different ways to explore – exploring new tastes is probably high on most people’s list of “things to live for.” I know it is on mine!

And when the subject is French Cheese, there is definitely no shortage of tastes to explore. More than 365. But, I suspect,less than 400. In any event, enough to keep your taste buds exercised at least once a day.

This “embarassement” of cheese riches can, and obviously does, create some challenges for those whose experience with the cheeses of France is limited, or non-existent.

And that’s where the French Cycling Gourmet comes in. Opening the door to the Vault of French Cheese enjoyment and appreciation, by giving us the lowdown on his favorite french frommage.

Lifestyle – Endless French Vacation!

June 15, 2010

Those of us who have been lucky enough to have had the French travel experience, at one time or another, have fantasized about never going back.

About continue our fine and/or fancy ramble indefinitely.Inhaling all the flavors of the food, the wine, the land and the people.

And so, it’s with the usual mixture of envy and admiration, that I’ve discovered there are four people who are not only indefinitely on vacation – but preaching their nomadic gospel on the internet.

They call themselves the bicycletravelnetwork. Find out how they can do what they do, as they talk to The Bicycle Gourmet.

French Bread Facts

June 1, 2010

French Bread Facts? What, you may ask, is there to learn? After all, French bread is just that long, skinny  loaf that’s fantastic in the morning when it’s fresh, and only good for the dog by evening. WRONG! French Bread is NOT just the “baguette.” It’s an incredible assortment of flavors, colors, ingredients and textures.

And, strangley enough, this consumer-friendly array of choices exists because of(rather than in spite of) French government rules and regulations.It was the “Bread Board’s” decision, several years ago, to abolish the fixed price for the baguette, leading to the present happy era of deregulation and competition. Meaning a “win-win” situation for both buyer and seller. The baker has the opportunity to sell at a higher price, due to increased selection/value, and the consumer benefits from the many choices available.

The full details are at   BREAD-STRY.

Medieval Villages of France

May 30, 2010

Some people come to France for the Wine. Others for the food. The celebrated restaurants. Others make the journey to make journeys. Cycling. Hiking. Walking. But those who come for France’s History discover an embarrasement of riches in the Medieval Villages of France.

Here, in the buildings that remain, the churches, cathedrals, and artifacts, the everpresent atmosphere of the Middle Ages is invoked. Not living through these times, but simply looking back at them, through the rose-colored glasses of our dreams and imaginations(aided by Hollywood, of course) we have no real perception of daily life – “Way back then.” For the rich, naturally, it was as you would expect. “No worries.” But for the poor, the great majority, it was virtually nothing but worries! Brought about by the rich, who, in any era, ride roughshod over the poor.

The Bubonic Plague did’nt help. Sweeping Europe twice in 100 years, killing tens of thousands. Mostly those who were most at risk in unsanitary conditions. – You guessed it – The poor.

But there were some positive elements of life in the Medieval Villages of France.

French Guitar Legend

May 23, 2010

Although he usually shares his Senic, Culinary and Historic “Treasures of France”with us, this time film-maker and French resident, Christopher Strong(the”Bicycle Gourmet“) introduces us to a human treasure.

And, a musical one at that. Pierre Bensusan.  A new name for me.  And I suspect for most people. Although, as the Bicycle Gourmet points out – Pierre is not a household name – for lovers of acoustic guitar music, Pierre is definitely “the Cat’s Pajamas.”

He has the ability to make one guitar sound like many. And for the past 30 years he’s toured the world. Leaving a lasting, and positive legacy. Spoken of in reverent tones by other  guitarists – electric and acoustic –  Pierre remains humble and approchable.

You can read the whole story at French Cycling Bicycle Gourmet.

French Cycling – What do You Need?

May 18, 2010

What do you need for French Cycling? – other than a good bike? Well if you’ve never “been there -done that”, there are three options :

1. Throw caution to the winds…..

Just do what you feel/take the advice of well meaning friends who have also never been there. But have “heard things.” (Lawyers call that “circumstantial evidence.”)

2. Read Travel Magazines…

Make a list of everything they say you need for the trip of a lifetime and start shopping.

3. Listen to an Expert…

Somebody who has not only “been there-done that”, but also has the tee shirt! Because he’s still there. Still doing it.

Such an expert is the French Cycling, “Bicycle Gourmet.” After years of surfing the backroads of France filming his “Treasures of France” series, he’s overqualified to advise you on what you really need.

And in his post – French Cycling -Part Two, he lays it all out. Simple. To the point. No fluff. Just solid content. In is usual down to earth style.

French Cycling Vacation

May 17, 2010

Cycling through France as a “vacation experience” has never been at the top of my “To Do Before I Die” list. But, after reading the latest lyrical waxings on the subject by the Bicycle Gourmet, I just might add it .

Like most of us, I rode a bike as a youngster and teen, but since that first driver’s liscence, bicycle travel has been a pleasant, but distant memory. However, when you visit France, which I have, by car, you can’t help but be impressed by the incredible beauty of the country. Not to mention the genuinely friendly people. Particularly in the country.

And while not everyone speaks English/American, most locals know enough to get you pointed in the right direction. Add to this, the food, the wine and the history, and you’ve got a country not to be missed, no matter how you travel through it.

The French Cycling Gourmet makes a pretty convincing case for selecting the bicycle as your mode of travel in his latest post – French Cycling.

French Travel Advisor

May 7, 2010

Although he would probably object to being called a “French Travel Advisor”, Christopher Strong, better known as the French Cycling Bicycle Gourmet, does give us tons of inside info on all things French.

After, as he puts it, “a zillion plus” years of cycling all over the French Country backroads, the Bicycle Gourmet certainly has “tasted the land and the people, as well as the food and wine.”

If you’re looking for insider info on anything French, chances are, he can point you in the right direction. For instance – how about a region that’s warm, but not hot? With fresh local food and wine. Friendly people. And, not overrun with tourists?

Sound good to you too? Get the Bicycle Gourmet’s advice HERE

The Bicycle Gourmet

March 25, 2010

Ever since vacationing in France,  I’ve been daydreaming about what it would be like to live there. You know, the usual escapist stuff. Sure, I know the reality of life anywhere is way different from the dream of what you think life could be. But still, that does’nt stop the dreaming, right?

Well, the other day, I found somebody who’s actually living my dream! He not only lives in France, but his gig is cycling through it and writing about it. Because he’s “tasting the land and the people as well as the food and wine”, he calls himself : “The Bicycle Gourmet.”

You can check him out HERE.