French Cycling – What do You Need?

What do you need for French Cycling? – other than a good bike? Well if you’ve never “been there -done that”, there are three options :

1. Throw caution to the winds…..

Just do what you feel/take the advice of well meaning friends who have also never been there. But have “heard things.” (Lawyers call that “circumstantial evidence.”)

2. Read Travel Magazines…

Make a list of everything they say you need for the trip of a lifetime and start shopping.

3. Listen to an Expert…

Somebody who has not only “been there-done that”, but also has the tee shirt! Because he’s still there. Still doing it.

Such an expert is the French Cycling, “Bicycle Gourmet.” After years of surfing the backroads of France filming his “Treasures of France” series, he’s overqualified to advise you on what you really need.

And in his post – French Cycling -Part Two, he lays it all out. Simple. To the point. No fluff. Just solid content. In is usual down to earth style.


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